Spring 2022 One Room Challenge: Week 2


I promise to post on time next week! 😩

It’s week 2 of the Spring ‘22 One Room Challenge, and my entire design is about to change because of this great deal I got on a new washer and dryer! More about that next week.


This week, I didn’t really do much, just found the new laundry set and started cleaning the laundry room this morning so we can put the appliances in tomorrow. In my mind, I thought I’d paint the wall today too, but that grout scrubbing (see pictures) wore me out!

I saw a hack a few years ago to use toilet bowl cleaner on your grout (and a bunch of other places) for a deep clean. I use to do it as a spot treatment and clean it up with our steam mop, but our mop fell victim to this hard Texas water. So it’s been a while since I’ve done this.


Since it had been so long, I thought I’d treat the whole floor. So I went to work covering every centimeter of grout with the cleaner. I waited 10 minutes then scrubbed it with a brush. Then, I waited another 10 minutes before removing it. When the second 10 minute marker came, I realized I had no clue how to get this stuff off the floor. We don’t have a conventional mop, just one of those in the style of a Swiffer.

After thinking for a sec, I said it’s time to go old school. So I pulled out the biggest bowl I could find and one of our kitchen towels on its last leg and began scrubbing the floor, tile by tile. I worked my way from the front right corner all the way to the back left corner. Afterwards, I mopped the entire floor with Swiffer’s cousin, just to make sure I got everything up.


What was left was a new, squeaky clean floor. It’s not as white as it used to be, but it’s leaps and bounds better than before I cleaned it!

Next week’s projects will be a bit more fun.  They include redesigning the room, possibly painting, and finding a rug. For real time updates, tune into my stories on Instagram! See you next week for my Week 3 update, and be sure to check out the other One Room Challenge participants here!

Spring 2022 One Room Challenge: Week 1


AHHH!!! I’m so excited!!! I get to participate during the 10th anniversary of the One Room Challenge!!! This year, I’m going to try my best to document everything on my blog, as well as Instagram.

I attempted to document my Spring 2020 challenge here after the fact but failed epically. In my defense, I had just started this blog and was still working out the kinks, as well as discovering my writing style. So, maybe I’ll give it another shot now that I know myself.

Anywho, you’re not here for that existential babble. You want to know what room I’m working on and what my design idea is. So, let’s get to it!

For the Spring challenge, I’ll be finishing our entryway (yes the entryway from the Fall 2020 challenge
🙄) AND reviving our laundry room!

I shared my mood board in my stories on Instagram, and only 14% of the participants guessed that it was for the laundry room. I get it though. Who cares what a laundry room looks like? It’s not like we’re  hanging out in there, reading and the like, but what if part of what makes laundry so unbearable is because of how the room looks?

Usually, laundry rooms are pretty neglected, with dust everywhere from the dryer lint, maybe a cobweb in the corner, plain white walls, etc., but I want every room in our home to have a personality, a story even, and yes. That includes the laundry room. Plus our poor laundry room has been THROUGH it because it’s the dogs’ room.

It’s where Riggs and Murtaugh (bonus points if you get their names) eat, where they stay while we’re out if the weather’s bad outside, and sometimes where they go for time out when they’re acting up. YES, WE PUT OUR DOGS IN TIME OUT! Moving on.



Because of this, though, the room is even dirtier because they drag in dirt from outside and just reek havoc in there sometimes! Plus, when Riggs was little, he had separation issues. So, he decided to try and eat his way out the room one day while we were gone. He literally ate part of the doorframe, the drywall under it, AND chewed on the beam inside the wall!


He luckily is past that now, and they don’t dirty the place up as much anymore either. So, I plan to repair/replace the doorframe, deep clean the room, and somewhat doggy proof it, while making it a bit more modern and fun.

Hopefully you stick around to see the magic happen. To see it in real time, tune in to my stories on Instagram, and also be sure to check out the other participants on the One Room Challenge blog! See you next week!


Our Master Bedroom Makeover

We participated in our first One Room Challenge this Spring when I did a full makeover of our master bedroom. We’ve lived here since 2017 but had never done anything to it.


For those unfamiliar, the One Room Challenge is a usually 6 week long project where you choose a room in your home or someone else’s home and give it a full makeover. How big or little the makeover is up to you. You share your progress once a week via your blog, social media, or both. Then everyone does their big reveal on the last week’s post date. For the Spring 2020 challenge, we were given 8 weeks to finish to help with shipping delays caused by COVID-19.


A little back story, we bought a king size mattress when we first moved in and still used our full/queen size headboard that was handmade by my late father-in-law. So we’re definitely holding onto that. Since the makeover, the headboard has been living in the front guest bedroom. Below are some before pictures. I put everything on the bed and was trying to do a purge/keep situation. It was not successful. lol



When I saw that registration was open for the One Room Challenge, I immediately signed up, not even knowing what we’d do. I’ve been watching participants for years and was tired of cheering from the sidelines. So, I bit the bullet and registered. Later that day, i was lying in our bed, doing nothing, and I started looking around. My brain was like OF COURSE THIS IS THE ROOM! 


So I talked with William, my husband, and we agreed to redo the bedroom. Then to make it a bit spicier, I decided to do the whole thing myself and surprise William with the reveal. As a compromise, he has full control over curating the wall art. It’s currently still in progress. The pieces are all created. They just need to be framed.


I came up with this mood board after finding the paint color Night Watch by PPG. It inspired the entire design. I wanted to paint the entire room this color, but I was vetoed by William. So, accent wall it was!



The first step was to paint. All of our interior walls, except our master bathroom and laundry room, were painted a terra cotta color before we moved in. So, I chose to paint the remaining walls outside of the accent wall white, specifically Pure White also by PPG. It took 2.5 weeks for me to finish painting. So I did other projects in between, like assembling the bed and  building a desk. Click here to see the whole process in my Instagram highlights.


The bed was a mostly easy assembly. Fun fact: I really like putting furniture together, especially Ikea furniture! Our bed, however, was from Wayfair. For the desk, I bought two 1x12x6 common board planks, some hair pin legs, and a few 12″ braces from Home Depot. It all came out to around $80, with the pin legs being the most expensive at $45. I used the braces to connect the two boards. Then, I attached the legs about an inch from each corner’s edge. After that, I stained the wood with some walnut stain we already had and topped it with one thin coat of epoxy. Once that dried, I was done!


After finishing the desk, I had to do the last design step that I’d been avoiding since week 2 or 3, and that was cutting the trim for the door moulding. To start this project, I taped off what I wanted the moulding to look like. I then measured that several times and bought the trim from, you guessed it, Home Depot. We only had a jigsaw at the time, and I was scared to use it. So I taped off what I eyeballed to be 45 degree angles at the needed lengths and asked William to cut the first piece. He uses the jigsaw all the time. So it wasn’t a problem for him.


I watched him cut one piece. Then. I built up the courage to try with him supervising me. I did great on the first cut and became overconfident. That’s when the problems started. I cut the rest by myself, and it wasn’t pretty. The angles were off. Chunks of wood would break off the tips when I cut through, and it was just all around ugly. So I stopped cutting after what you see in the second picture above and rented a miter saw. That was one of the best decisions I made during this project! It was so easy to use, and the cuts were perfect and beautiful. So now, a miter saw is on my wish list.


The actual final step before decorating was putting up the tv. I envisioned mounting it and making a wooden frame/art piece to cover it. That didn’t happen for multiple reasons, the main reason being I had NO IDEA how to do that lol. So, I just had the tv mounted by Five Star Installations , a local company I found on Facebook. While Rashon, the owner, was putting up the tv, I finished the doors. These were the final steps before I could start making the room pretty, and I was so excited to almost be done and show William what I had been up to for the last 8 weeks!


Well, that’s all for today, but check back soon for the reveal of our master bedroom makeover, where I’ll go into full detail on sourcing the items and my thought process.