I now offer social media management services! Whether you’re a small business that doesn’t have time to build or manage your social media presence or just don’t know what to post, I can help.. Read below for details on both services, and choose which is best for you.

Monthly Personalized Strategy

This service is best for the business owner who is possibly just starting their business and has time to build their brand’s social media accounts but doesn’t necessarily know what contents or hashtags they should be posting to bring clients their way. 

I take all the guess work out of the equation by providing a personalized game plan, made specifically for your business, which tells you exactly what to post and when to post it. I even provide suggested hashtags.

This service also includes tips and tools for you to learn how to eventually strategize for yourself in the future.


Full Social Media Management

My full social media management service is just that. I provide the personalized monthly strategy so you know what to expect from me. Then I do all the work myself, freeing up ample time for you to run your growing business.

Services included in this package are:

  • fully running your Instagram and Facebook business accounts.
  • engaging with followers, contacting you for information when needed
  • content days each month to create photos and videos for your accounts
  • graphics for posts and ads, if applicable

Below, you’ll see the a la carte services I now provide as well.


A La Carte Services

influencer marketing  •  Facebook group creation and management  •  Pinterest setup and management  •  social media coaching

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