How to Prepare for ACL Festival


It’s festival season! So here’s some last minute tips on how to prepare for ACL to help out this year’s attendees. Keep reading for all the things I wish I knew before going.


What to Wear

Of course everyone wants to dress their best, but do yourself a favor and wear comfy cute clothes, like a tank top and shorts. Whatever you do, DON’T WEAR HEELS! I saw it with my own eyes, people not realizing how much walking was involved or that you’re literally out there for an entire day. Save yourself and your feet by just saying no. You may get away with some brands of cowboy boots, but think more like cute sneakers or even something you don’t mind getting dirty.

Consider bringing a towel or bandana because you’re 100% going to sweat, and you’ll need something to wipe it off. You can even wear the bandana as a headband to catch sweat going into your face while still looking kind of cute.


Prepare for the Weather

Though ACL Fest is in October, it’s still going to be hot because Texas. Plus, there’s literally thousands of people around you putting off massive body heat. So dress light, drink lots of water, and since you’ll be outside for a full day, apply and reapply sunscreen.

There will be stations for you to refill your water bottle. So bring one or purchase one there. Also, not weather related, but don’t try to sneak in alcohol. They will find it!


Download the App

The ACL Fest app is very convenient and helps make sure you don’t miss anyone you wanted to see. It shows you who’s performing when on what stage, and you can mark the shows you’re interested in so you don’t forget. It also shows where everything is located, like the water stations, the VIP or GA+ sections, special pop-ups, etc. It’s nice to have, and you can just delete it right after til next year.


Free $5 from American Express

If you have an American Express card, you can link it to your wristband and receive a $5 credit to use for food, drinks, merch, whatever! You’ll also be able to use your wristband to make all your purchases while you’re there. So, there’s no need to bring cash or your card to accidentally lose in the sea of people around you.


What to Bring

Bring a small backpack or drawstring bag with you to hold water, a towel or bandana, a portable charger, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, deodorant, etc. Yes, you read that correctly. BRING DEODORANT! Again, it’s going to be hot. You’ll more than likely sweat off your deodorant, even your antiperspirant. So, bring it with you to reapply as needed.

You may be able to get free canned or bottled water at some booths. Get it, and put it in your bag for later. Be sure to drink plenty of water while you’re there.


Plan for Next Year

Regardless of what wristband level you had this year, I strongly suggest getting the GA+ wristbands. They don’t cost much more than the GA wristbands, and you get access to a shaded sitting area with a huge screen to watch shows while you cool down. In this area, there’s also private air conditioned restrooms, food vendors, and a bar. Oh, and did I mention all the free water you can drink??

I know VIP has more bells and whistles, but if you want to fully experience the actual festival, GA+ is all you need. Just pop into the private section for a bit to rest and recharge. Then, get back out there to enjoy the shows!



These are just a few tips I wanted to share to make sure you had the best experience possible at this year’s ACL Festival. Also, remember. If you’re feeling under the weather, please stay home. Yours and everyone else’s health and safety are more important than a wasted wristband or missing some music acts. Stay safe and smart, and hopefully I’ll meet you by the flags at ACL Festival 2023!


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