10 Questions with Stewart and Daughters Global


We’re at the third interview from my 10 Questions series, where I ask Black owned businesses at different stages in their career the same 10 questions. Today, I’m interviewing Alexander Stewart, of Stewart and Daughters Global. These are his answers.

Alexander and Felicia Stewart

1. What is your business, and how did it come to be?

Ecommerce holistic business that gives the customer the ability to shop for wellness products, skincare, and home cleaning products at one stop. It came to be for me because I only like to offer products that I believe in and that will offer what is a need in your life.


2. What’s your proudest moment so far?

My proudest moment so far is knowing that I have products that truly are a need for my customers at this point and I can direct my customers to products that are safe and that I believe in.


3. Do you notice any specific struggles or issues due to your business being Black owned?

I have not noticed any specific struggles mainly because my business is Ecommerce and not a storefront.


 4. Who would benefit most from your business?

Anyone looking for all natural organic vitamins, weight loss supplements, or sports nutrition. Also anyone looking for all natural organic skincare systems or organic and biodegradable cleaning products. I believe I have what anyone needs.


5. Do you have someone you look up to in the professional world? If so, who and why?

 I would say I look up to Lebron James because he is doing what I always dreamed of doing which is giving back into his community and giving kids who do not have the support needed a chance to achieve their goals in life.


6. Since it’s Black History Month, what Black icon do you relate to most, be it a civil rights leader, celebrity, etc.?

My black icon is Kobe Bryant simply because he expected and pursued excellence in everything he did.


7. What’s your next goal for your business?

My next goal for my business is to earn more customer business and increase my customer sales by 15% heading into the summer.


8. What’s your most popular service?

My most popular item is the N* by Nutrilite which is basically saying (put more nutrition in you).


9. What’s one non-monetary way someone could support your business right now?

Simply by sharing the business with friends and family or anyone who wants the ability to shop for natural and organic nutrition, skincare, and homecare from a one stop shop.


10. How can we reach you to shop with you?

 I can be reached 4 different ways: Email (stewartanddaughtersglobal@gmail.com), Phone number (469-600-9196), and Websites (www.amway.com/myshop/DailyHealthBeauty)(www.amway.com/myshop/CleanFreshHouse)

Thank you!

Thank you Alexander for participating in this series! Thank you all for reading and  getting to know Alexander. Please be sure to visit his sites and support his family’s business.


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